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Our Team

Pace Cleaning Service has recruited highly qualified and experienced personnel to ensure our clients that both managerial and cleaning requirements are fulfilled. 

Sandy Lambert
Operations Manager

  • Over 35 years experience in cleaning management and a Bachelor of Economics.
  • Previously managed the cleaning Services of the Child Health and Women’s service facilities at 50 metropolitan and regional sites across South Australia including Torrens House on South Terrace Adelaide.
  • Extensive management experience in multi storey building cleans, general office cleaning, childcare and kindergarten cleaning and retail cleaning.

Mark Ellard

  • Involved in cleaning management for over 30 years.
  • Mark has extensive experience in site shopping centre management at North Adelaide Village as well as general commercial sites across Adelaide.
  • Mark previously managed multi storeys such as Commonwealth Bank (King William St), Australis Building, National Bank, Elizabeth House and Wyatt house.
  • Provides training to cleaners.
  • Cleans and manages several sites.


  • Over 10 years experience in the cleaning industry - own business.
  • Extensive experience in the hospitality industry –specifically hotels.
  • Has an excellent skill in staff management & quality control.


  • 15 years in cleaning industry - own business.
  • Extensive experience in, commercial & Shopping Centre operations and management.
  • has a degree in Commerce and an Advanced Diploma in Accounting.

Administration, OHS and Compliance Manager

  • Over 10 years experience in facilities management with a multi-national company and a further 5 years faculties related experience within a federal Government organisation.
  • Recently has managed the day to day cleaning service across Adelaide and the surrounding rural areas of 37 separate government premises.
  • Has a diploma of work health and safety and well as certificate 3 in business studies.


  • Over 50 percent of our general cleaning subcontractors have been on the Pace Cleaning Team since the start in 2008, a number have followed Pace Management from previous companies they have been associated with.
  • Specialised Sub contractors have been in the industry for many years and have proven their loyalty and consistently many times over.
  • Pace Cleaning Services SA affiliates only with proven and trusted specialists.